by Chris I'Anson

With February approaching we thought we'd take a look at iPhone apps that can help you follow the Rugby Six Nations tournament. Given the tournament lasts 6 weeks it's useful to be able to be kept up to speed with what's happening with the teams and where teams are in the tournament table.

So if you like a bit of six nations rugby and you own an iPhone read on and see what apps are going to help you keep up to date with the six nations championship.

RBS Six Nations

rbs-six-nationsThe RBS Six Nations app is the only official RBS 6 Nations iPhone app and is free to all budding armchair managers.

The app has lots of features to keep any rugby fan happy between games. The main screen is titled Match Day and allows you to scroll through upcoming or past matches. Match Day info contains loads of info to keep statisticians happy including match previews, team news, match reports and even a handful of photos.

RBS Six Nations contains enough information and stats to keep any rugby fan happy

RBS Six Nations also contains a News section that can be filtered by team and contains all the latest happenings within the tournament

If you're a bit rusty on the players, the app has you covered with the Teams page where you can find all the information you need each player. Along with the Teams page there's also a Stats screen which includes the tournament table showing you the team standings.

The option of downloading videos of previous matches is an interesting feature but it's the free content and ease of which to access it that makes RBS Six Nations stand out. 

The last feature of the app utilises in app purchases to let you watch videos of previous matches. You can purchase all the videos for a one off fee of £2.49 or individual videos for £0.69.

RBS Six Nations is everything you need to keep up with the tournament and should ensure any rugby fan is kept happy. What's more, it's completely free. Head over to the app store and check it out RBS Six Nations

Six Nations Rugby By Rocket Systems

six-nations-rugbySix Nations Rugby is another free rugby app you can download to keep up with the Six Nations Championship. The main focus of the app is to bring us the latest news on the Six Nations.

Also included in the app is news on women's rugby and news on the under 20s rugby team. It's not as comprehensive as RBS Six Nations but i contains all the news you'll need to stay up to date. If you're after something simple to follow the six nations rugby championship head over to the app store and download Six Nations Rugby

Six Nations Rugby is focused on providing the latest news form the Six Nations Championship 

IRB Laws of Rugby

irb-laws-of-rugbyIf you're new to the game of rugby, or you've watched it for years but never really understood the rules, you might be surprised to know there's a little more to the game of egg chasing then just passing the ball back and taking down the opposition.

IRB Laws of Rugby Union is a free app that helps teach you just what rugby union is all about and why there's more to the game than a bunch of men chasing each other around and having the odd scrap.

IRB Laws of Rugby is an excellent app that should make watching the Six Nations more interesting when you know what's happening.

Rugby Union has loads of rules but you only need to know a few to enjoy the game. If you want to learn the basics or expand your knowledge of the game, the IRB Laws of Rugby app is just what you need.

What's excellent about IRB Laws of Rugby is the rules are split up into six sections so you can quickly find what you need to know.

So if you're planning on watching the Six Nations Rugby Championship make sure you know what it it is that's actually happening by downloading the IRB Laws of Rugby Union iPhone app.

So, that's your lot when it comes to rugby. The best rugby apps to help you enjoy the Six Nations Rugby Championship are listed above so go and get them downloaded and you can get a bit more from this years tournament. If we've been so stupid to miss your favoritie rugby app out, head over to our contact page and let us know what you're using. You never know, we might just add it to this list.