Any apps reviewed on this site may have been provided to us by the developer for the purpose of receiving an impartial review. The review is based on the opinion of the reviewer and not the developer. This is in keeping with our O.A.T.S oath.

The main review ratings are based on the following criteria:

1 - Needs Work

This score is assigned to apps that have technical issues such as bugs, poor usability, poor design or provide no value whatsoever to the end user. Apps with one star aren’t worth the download.

2 - Ok

2 Star apps are deemed OK but generally need some work to improve them. 2 star apps may be missing features that you would think are necessary to the functionality it provides. It’s advised to download free or lite versions of 2 star apps before taking the plunge and forking out money.

3 - Good

3 star apps are apps that are easy to use, have nice graphics/design and are good value for money. They should be free from bugs and offer a good level of entertainment or functionality depending on what the app is aimed at.

4 - Excellent

An excellent app has a professional level of polish and not only functions well but looks good. The graphics, usability, design and functionality are all close to perfect. The level of value offered should reflect the 4 star rating, if it's a game it should be entertaining, if it's in one of the other categories it should offer something functional.

5 - Perfect

5 star apps are the highest quality apps you'll come across. Everything about the app is perfect and they'll stand out from the competition.