TapTapGo! - the dots and boxes challenge


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  • Listing Date: 20th Nov, 2013
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TapTapGo! is a board-game in which two players compete to fill as many as possible boxes by drawing edges around them over a grid. Whenever a player completes a cell, he/she earns a point and an extra turn. When all cells are filled the player with most points wins the match.

TapTapGo! expands this basic concept with adventure. There are two campaigns comprissing 20 levels or boards each. In each level, players find different artifacts and configurations which add additional complexity and variety to the game. When the first level is completed, the second is unlocked, and so on, until player complete level 20th ending the campaign.

App Features

The game allows you to compete agains the computer or other friends. In single player mode, the difficulty of the game will increase gradually. Players will notice that levels 1-5 are somewhat easy to pass while the AI becomes more sophisticated on each new level, especially after level 10 (there are 20 levels in each campaign).

In two players mode, you can choose to play through Bluetooth connection or via Game Center. Bluetooth mode is recommended when both players are in the same room since the pace of the the match is much faster than using Game Center. On the other side, you can play against your remote friends using Game Center. In this case, you can have multiple matches running simultaneously and switch between them from the main menu.