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  • Version Listed: 1.0
  • Listing Date: 6th Jul, 2012
  • Cost: FREE
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Preparing for a standardized test such as the GRE or SAT? version 1.0 Carries the list of 1500+ words with its type and meanings wherever you go. The use of each word is illustrated with a sentence.

Tap GRE. can help you ace the verbal section by allowing you to review and memorize the meanings of commonly tested words. Tap GRE. is a paid application for the Apple iPhone and iPod devices that offer an easier way to access and memorize GRE words. Tap GRE. is a canny and mere way to memorize and review GRE words using flashcards. You can learn words by difficulty level, or even shuffle the attire to quiz your memory.

App Features

  • Set the difficulty level of each word and reuse later
  • Quick search for any word and mark its difficulty. This feature is handy when you encounter a word you donít understand.
  • Quiz mode allows the user to test his/her memory on each word.
  • Review test results and adjust the difficulty of those words accordingly.
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