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  • Version Listed: 1.0
  • Listing Date: 20th May, 2014
  • Cost: FREE
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IKARIN Flying is a flying action game in which IKARIN, an angry squid girl, chases the UFOs who kidnapped her friends.

IKARIN can fly until the power of anger ran out, and she can dodge or crush the floating obstacles. The power of anger is refilled by catching the friend thrown from the UFO.

IKARIN Flying might look like a casual game, but its difficulty is far from casual ! Try and see how smart you are to play action games!

App Features

  • Charging the power of anger by tap
  • Chasing the UFO in the sky and the outer space
  • Dodging or crushing the obstacles by swipe
  • The unique marine friends to help
  • 30 UFOs and stages to explore

The goal of the game is to get back the all friends. And at the time, something will happen.