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  • Listing Date: 14th May, 2014
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Highly addictive puzzle game with dozens of puzzles to train your brains. Wait no more and begin your Formino adventure!

All you have to do is to play Formino. Fill the given shape with all the pentomino style puzzle blocks available. Puzzle block may not overlap each other or shadowed area.

Challenge yourself through beginner to expert levels, from simple block dragging to flipping and rotating.

Sounds easy, but is it really?

App Features

Formino is pentomino style puzzle game filled with various themes and difficulty levels. What make us stand out from other similar games is hint and gem system that allows player to make his own game strategy by solving puzzles, collecting gems and unlocking puzzle sets by his choice. Another thing to be proud of is unique design, all puzzle shapes are made by our designer, so there is no other design like ours out there, as well as music, wich also is made specially for this game.

Our target audience is adult who loves puzzle games. But it can easily be played by anyone who enjoys brain games.

Our app is Free, with in-app purchases.