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4th June 2016
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  • Publisher: Ryan Cantone
  • Version Listed: 1.02
  • Listing Date: 4th June 2016
  • Cost: FREE
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AppStack is a completely ad-free way to interact with the apps we use most in our lives. Built from the ground up to be a more convenient-to-use alternative to the dozens of apps taking up space on our mobile devices, AppStack is smart, simple, and user friendly.

It brings all of your favorite social media applications into a single interface; allowing you to switch seamlessly from one to the next without ever having to leave the app.

Heres how it works:

      1. Once AppStack is installed to your device, select the icon in the upper right corner. A list of all supported apps will appear on the screen.
      2. Select each of the apps you use one by one, and enter your login information to each service.
      3. Repeat this process until each service you desire is added to the app.

You can switch between news feeds, profiles, and messages using the same button up top and quickly selecting the app. No need to ever have to sign back in once you sign in the first time you are done.

Thats all it takes! Once each of the services are added to AppStack, you no longer require the individual apps to be installed on your device, freeing up more room for photos, pictures, videos, and music!

The abilities of each service within AppStack remain exactly the same, so you never have to compromise function for form. AppStack is more than an app; it is an extension of our lives. To most, social media is a means to communicate, to create, to connect, and to share. We spend hours and hours each day trying to keep up with the world around us, and to stay informed and involved in each others lives.

Make your smart device even smarter with AppStack. Your life, on display, now, in one place

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