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19th August 2016
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  • Publisher: Daniel Sadjadian
  • Version Listed: 1.0
  • Listing Date: 19th August 2016
  • Cost: 0.99 usd
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The Actions app allows you to automate monotonous tasks on your iOS device. Simply create an action of your choice (i.e.: text message), customise the action settings and tap save. Just like that, you'll have a one tap action to send a message, view the news and much more. Stop wasting time switching between apps, use the Actions app and automate the task at hand.

Key features:

  • Lots of different action types to choose from, including email, text, local weather reports and much more
  • Quick access from spotlight: All actions are saved as search results, simply search for the action of your choice and tap to go
  • Quick access widget: Add up to three of your favourite actions, to the app widget for one tap access from the notification centre
  • Action notifications: Set action reminders at a particular date/time or location of your choice
  • Third party app support: Create actions for your favourite iOS applications