iPad App Takes to the Skies

Photo: United Continental

The latest news within the aviation industry is American Airlines decision to ditch it's paper 'flight bags' and replace them all with iPads. These flight bags are used by the pilots as references when flying and have been ditched in favour of a digital version, with the main aim to save money.

The documentation adds up to 35lbs per plane and removing this weight will reduce the amount of fuel used, saving around 400,000 gallons over the year. This weighs in at a saving of over $1 million per year on fuel costs alone. Not to mention a reduced risk of pilot injury (seriously, those hefty flight bags are one of the biggest causes of pilot injury)

The FAA had to approve the digital switchover and after carrying out successful trials the airline will start replacing the flight bags on July 10th. Many of the worlds aviation companies have been trailing iPads to assist their flight crew but American Airlines is one of the first to use them within the cockpit.

This is another example of how iOS devices can save companies money when adapted long term. You can read all about the news over at American Airlines Newsroom.