by Chris I'Anson

The Euros are almost upon us and although I'm not holding much hope for England I'll enjoy 3 weeks watching the full tournament along with millions of other people around the world.

We've decided to go over a few of the more popular football apps that are aimed at the Europeon Championships. If you're still getting up to speed with what countries are taking part, the players to look look out for and who hot favorites are read on to find out about the best football apps out there.

Our guide to the European Championships will help you find out what footballing apps you should kick into touch and the ones that ripple the onion bag.

UEFA EURO 2012 TM by Carlsberg

UEFA Euro 2012 iPhone appThe Carlsberg UEFA EURO 2012 football app is really slick and should cater to every fans needs. From following the match with live updates right through to in-depth news and videos on your favourite team, the UEFA EURO 2012 iPhone app is an excellent companion to have with you throughout the month of June and July. Download Carlsberg UEFA EURO 2012 over at The App Store

  • Nice interface
  • Switch between international friendliest and cup competition
  • Fixtures and table view
  • Follow each game with live update, highlights and info panels
  • View game facts, reports, team lineups videos and previews
  • Latest news section allows you to view all the latest news from the competition
  • Videos include team profiles and player interviews
  • Carlsberg fan for most deserving fan
  • Detailed stats section allows you to view stats, teams, favourites

UEFA EURO 2012™ official publications

UEFA Euro 2012 Official Guide iphone app You can download the official UEFA 2012 preview guide and to download the official Euro guide for your country. The app is basically a gateway through to the official Euro 2012 guide for which you have to pay £1.99 to gain access. I was slightly disappointed with this but you are gaining access to the official guide and it’s available in over 16 languages. and unless you want to pay £1.99 for access to the app I wouldn't bother. Download UEFA EURO 2012

Official UEFA EURO 2012 app with Orange

Official UEFA Euro football appThe official Euro app is one of the best football apps to follow the European Championship. It’s packed full of options to keep even the most hardcore armchair manager happy.

The apps simple to navigate around with an easy to use one click, pop-out menu, which allows quick access to all the different sections within the app. Within these sections you’ll find information on all the teams along with useful guides to the host cities including key facts that should help anyone with a ticket to this years competition. Download the Official UEFA EURO 2012 app

  • Push notifications including the ability to customise what you’re alerted to. Never miss a kick off or goal
  • Set favourite teams
  • View latest news
  • Kickoff countdown
  • View team and player stats
  • Multimedia section contains videos and photos
  • Use the share options to share info
  • Video centre allows you to view videos from the main European competitions including Champions League and UEFA cup (in app purchases may apply)
  • Fankit section allows you to share your photos, download wallpapers and access the orange supporters club.
  • Useful travel guide to Poland and Ukraine

Euro 2012 Plus - Predictions Game

Euro 2012 predictions gameThe Euro 2012 Plus app is aimed at those of us who like to predict results and have a bit of banter with our mates. The app allows you to enter your predictions for every match throughout the entire competition.

It's not as in depth or easy to use as the other apps mentioned but along with tracking your predictions it includes all the latest news from the tournament.

A unique feature within this app, and not found in the others, is the ability to listen to each country’s national anthem. Download Euro 2012 Plus

Note: The news section is slightly crude in that it's simply a country specific web page within the app. Not as functional as the other apps listed but it’s the predictions which helps Eror 2012 plus stand out and offer something different to the other apps listed.

Euro 2012+ (69p)

Euro 2012 iphone appThe Euro 2012+ app does come with a small price tag but don't let this put you off. For 69p you'll gain access to one of the best football apps out their and you'll never miss anything from this years European Championship.

  • Select your favourite teams and bookmark upcoming matches
  • Access extensive comparisons between teams including results from the last 6 years, FIFA rankings, past European and World Cup performances, and the latest 10 matches
  • In-depth player analysis
  • Follow games live with stats and commentary
  • Access match highlights (after the game)
  • Custom home screen depending on your favorite teams
  • Access the latest news including stadium information

Euro 2012+ is a slick and easy to use football app that should please even the most hardened football fan. The stats feature is worth the money itself but there's plenty more thrown into the mix including news sections, customising your favorite teams, in depth team analasis, video highlights right through to all you need to know about the offical mascots. Download Euro 2012+