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18th May, 2011
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Reviewed by Chris


3 out of 5


  • Publisher: Stan Miasnikov
  • Version Reviewed: 5.1
  • Review Date: 18th May, 2011
  • Cost: £2.39
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WritePad is a text editing app that allows you to write on your iPhone screen and have your hand writing automatically transformed into digital text. It's rather clever and is uses advanced handwriting recognition software to convert you handwritten text into it's digital counterpart.

Entering text is done by dragging your finger along the screen (or a stylus), as you do a matching line is drawn out displaying the character or words you've drawn out. Once you stop dragging and take a pause, your word or character is automatically converted into digital format.

Some of the main options included are:

  • Use text writing option to enter your content or use a standard keyboard
  • Synchronise your documents with Dropbox
  • Organise and save your document into custom folders
  • Sort documents based on name, size or date created
  • Use options to select letter or number creation
  • Share your documents in various ways including; email, Twitter, Facebook, Google docs, over WIFI, SMS
  • Use the inbuilt translator to translate your documents into various languages
  • Use the powerful editing settings to exclude or include specific shapes for each character. Allowing you to fine tune the app to your writing style
  • Use the custom directory to insert your own words that you use often
  • Edit shorthand list and define certain words and what they are
  • Use shorthand words which pull out specific content. Useful for saving large amounts of text that you use often and calling it up with one simple word or abbreviation


After a few days using WritePad I'd have to say it works really well. It does take some getting used to when you start out and I found that my usual style of writing upper-case letters was best left to a pen and paper and reverted to using lower-case which resulted in much better results (the app also recognises upper and lower case letters)

Use the powerful editing settings to exclude or include specific shapes for each character. Allowing you to fine tune the app to your writing style.

Once I was up to speed on using the app I wrote out "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog". Very enlightening, but there is a method to this madness, this sentance includes all characters of the alphabet so it was a good test on the apps fancy software recognition ability. The result was the software recognised every word exactly, outputting each one to the screen in it's digital format. Impressive.

What I liked about WritePad was the ability to include and exclude specific shapes for each character, this enables you to tailor the app to how you write. The shorthand option is useful for regularly used snippets of content such as addresses and lists. The custom words is a great inclusion allowing you to insert words which aren't in the default directory.

If you feel more comfortable writing then typing, WritePad could be just what you're after.  The version reviewed reflects the development and work which has gone into building this app, the amount of customisation available is impressive and ensures the WritePad can be setup for customised to cater for everyones style of writing.

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