Worldictionary - Instant Translation and Search Review


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26th Jun, 2011
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Reviewed by Chris


5 out of 5


  • Publisher: Penpower Technology Ltd.
  • Version Reviewed: 2.1.0
  • Review Date: 26th Jun, 2011
  • Cost: £2.99
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Worldictionary - Instant Translation & Search allows you to use your phones camera to define and translate words in real time. Think of it as having a one word language translator in your pocket. Sounds very clever and I had high hopes for this one before I'd even got it downloaded (it's brought to us by the same people who did the excellent WorldCard Mobile).

If you ever find yourself in foreign countries with little knowledge of the lingo, don't panic, Worldictionary is here to help you out.

On opening the app you're introduced to a large magnifying glass, within this is the view from your cameras lens overlaid with a small cross-hair. The layout of this screen is excellent in terms of usibility, the magnifying glass helps emphasise what you need to do to get started. Point, hold and translate. Simple. Because the cameras viewfinder doesn't dominate the whole screen (it takes up the top half) the developers have managed to include the other main options on the same screen.

Waiting for realtime translations is sometimes not practical so the app allows you to tap the magnifying glass to take a photo. You can then use photos to translate words. Dragging and zooming is easy and there's even a button to rotate images in 90 degree steps. You can also load in photos from your photo library.

The bar at the bottom of the main screen has the translation languages, tapping on a language brings up 2 scrollers allowing you to quickly choose the languages you're translating. Also in this bar is a useful toggle allowing you to swap between the translated from and to languages.

Placing the languages in a prominent position and using effective and simple controls means the app is quick to use which is important in these types of quck reference, utility applications.

Features included are:

  • In depth help section
  • Option to snap images and translating from a photo.
  • Use the light button for translating in low light situations
  • Use your camera roll to import photos
  • View translation history
  • Bookmark translations
  • Share translations through SMS or email
  • Translate from Spanish, English, Japanese, French, German, Chinese, Italian and Korean
  • Translate words using direct type

Worldictionary - Instant Translation & Search is a useful travel companion to have with your when you're abroad - or even at home - and in need of quick one word translations. The software to recognise words is brilliant, even at a slight angle the app rarely fails in picking out the correct word to translate. The app uses Googles API for working out the translations so you do need an internet connection for the app to work. However, if you've got no connection you can snap a photo for translating at a later date (no good if you need the translation instantly).

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