Texas Hold 'Em Review


Version Reviewed:
19th Feb, 2012
Review Date:
Reviewed by Chris


3 out of 5


  • Publisher: Apple Inc
  • Version Reviewed: 1.1
  • Review Date: 19th Feb, 2012
  • Cost: £2.99


There are loads of card apps in the App Store and one of the most popular card games has to be poker, with Texas Hold Em being a  popular version of the game.

One of the original poker apps (and still considered by many to be one of the best) to grace the iPhone (a cut down version was available on the iTouch long before the iPhone even existed), is Apple's very own, Texas Hold'em app.

The app is different to many of the poker apps avaiable in that you play against the computer AI rather than real life players. Although if you have friends with the app you can get together with up to eight people and play over WIFI. If you had your mates together you might just want to break out a pack of cards rather than gather round your iPhone. Still, offering multiplayer on a local network is a nice touch.

The app has a nice progression system based around different locations ranging from plying from a dingy garage, right up to playing in the bright lights of Vegas. This encourages play and as you to build up your kitty you'll be able to buy into more exclusive locations. These locations keep things fresh and give you something to aim for with your virtual chips.

Along with nice looking environments, Texas Hold'Em comes loaded with players that each have their own unique animations that play out as they play the game. These can get a bit repetitive but using your iPhone in landscape mode removes these and allows you to play from a birds eye view of the table. The top down view is definitly the mode I enjoyed best and helped speed up gameplay.

If you like gambling for fun and want a slick, easy to use poker game to keep you entertained you should head over to the App Store and check out Texas Hold'Em.