Space Hockey Kids Review


Version Reviewed:
1st Sep, 2011
Review Date:
Reviewed by Nikolaos


3 out of 5


  • Publisher: Little Five Games
  • Version Reviewed: 1.3
  • Review Date: 1st Sep, 2011
  • Cost: £0.69
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There are plenty of air hockey apps for the iOS. This app's uniqueness lies in the fact that it offers multitouch. Doing a search in the app store for air hockey multitouch had only result - Space Hockey Kids.

I played the game on both the iPhone and iPad (app is universal). I did notice that after running the iPhone app a few times, the splash screen appeared stretched for a split second.

Both the iPhone and iPad app are very similar. The main menu has two options, Play and More. More takes you to the developers website. Play brings up a "space" air hockey board with UFO paddles and a meteorite puck. By using multiple fingers (multitouch), you can have multiple UFOs, so this can definitely be lots of fun for more than 2 players. The extra screen space on the iPad makes the game shine as it allows multiple players to join on either side. To win the game, one must score 10 points. The physics in the game are very good. I did notice that the paddles can cross center to the opposite side (I believe this is against air hockey rules) and that the paddles cannot slow down/stop the puck when touched. I was ok with the latter - it is space hockey after all! The former however, should be fixed or at least allow the user to toggle it.

In terms of features missing, the game did not have any settings - I would have liked to see options that would allow to change how many points are required to win, toggle sound and maybe select level of difficulty.

Overall, this app is definitely worth the $.99 cents if you own an iPad - the multitouch idea works well and I can't wait to play game with my nieces and nephews!