Quick Shopping and TODO list Review


Version Reviewed:
1st Nov, 2010
Review Date:
Reviewed by Chris


1 out of 5


  • Publisher: A.Kuchinsky, M.Rozenshain (CSD-TECH)
  • Version Reviewed: 1.0
  • Review Date: 1st Nov, 2010
  • Cost: £0.59


The Quick Shopping and TODO list app looks almost identical to notes but has a couple of extra features.

  • Categorise your notes
  • Mark off notes as they are completed

The principle for the app is great, it's adding a couple of features that people may think are missing from the notes app that comes bundled with the iPhone.

However, it's the execution that lets the app down.

Cancelling a new item before you've saved it actually creates the item for you (this also happens with the categories)

When you try to add an item title the keyboard covers what you are typing so any mistake isn't picked up on until you click done.

If the developers can iron out the bugs and make it more usable the app could become a useful alternative to some of the more slightly expensive note/to-do apps.

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