Pirates Life Review


Version Reviewed:
2nd Feb, 2011
Review Date:
Reviewed by Chris


2 out of 5


  • Publisher: Dreamix Studio
  • Version Reviewed: 1.2
  • Review Date: 2nd Feb, 2011
  • Cost: £0.59
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Pirates Life is a game that has you captaining your own pirate ship, commanding its crew you set sail on the open waters to hijack pirates and steal their gold. Argh Matey!

You begin the game learning the controls needed to do battle against other pirate ships. Combats simple with the action taking place using an overhead view of the two ships side by side. Defeating the enemy requires a few steps, you must first soften them up with your cannons. While you're doing this the enemy will try and board your ship by sending over pirates, don't worry though, a quick slice of your finger cuts their ropes and holds them off. Once you've damaged their ship you can send your own crew over onto the enemy ship. If you succeed in battle you'll reap the rewards and get to steal their gold.

This gold is what Pirates Life is built around, it allows you to upgrade your ship at Booty Island and go after larger enemy ships. You can upgrade attributes such as damage inflicted on the enemy, cannon number, crew members and even repair damage taken in battle.

When you're ready to do battle again you can use the map to select from a number of other pirates,  varying in difficulty from very easy to very hard. You must be careful when picking your battles, the harder difficulty ships require sufficient cannons and crew members to defeat, meaning you'll have to upgrade your attributes before tackling the larger vessels.

The graphics of Pirates Life are very basic but that's not the real problem with the game. The main problem is the actual game play. You start off going after the very easy ships and each victory rewards you with gold and initially, there's quite a bit available for the take.

If you move on to tackle the more difficult pirates you won't last long with your 4 cannons and 10 crew members, the game forces you into working your way up slowly, upgrading you cannons, damage rating and crew numbers. This is all good until you realise once you've beaten the easy ships, going back to fight them again brings a pitiful amount of gold.

The problem is, you can never really gather the funds to tackle the harder ships and find yourself in a circle of fighting the smaller ships, using what little gold you've been rewarded to repair and re-crew to battle the smaller ships, again. Slightly repetitive and very boring.

So you can either continue fighting weak opponents and never really progressing or you can use in app purchases to get the money needed to upgrade. I'm not sure there's enough variety to start with and many people may not wish to splash out on in app upgrades without really getting that far in the game. If you don't mind buying in app upgrades you may enjoy Pirates Life but some people, the need to splash out extra could be a put off.