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20th May, 2011
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Reviewed by Chris


4 out of 5


  • Publisher: Typhuun, LLC
  • Version Reviewed: 2.0
  • Review Date: 20th May, 2011
  • Cost: £0.59
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If you run a website or you're a server/network administrator and need to keep a check on your websites status you may be interested in Ping Scope.

The app allows you to monitor any IP based device or games sever using ICMP V4. To put it simple, Ping Scope sends some data to your device and calculates how quickly it's being received, telling you how well your servers running. The feedback uses a traffic light system to give you an overview of how your device is coping with requests. Green indicates the device is running well, yellow needs looking at and red is unresponsive.

You can access a screen listing app your IP's and select update to run a test and determine each addresses status. Using colours the app allows you to find out instantly what's running OK and what may need attention.

If you see a problem with one of your devices you can select it to access a detailed analysis screen that allows you to monitor the connection in real time. The main data displayed includes:

  • Connection type
  • Host IP address
  • XMTD - Number of packets transmitted
  • RCVD - Number of packets received
  • LOST- Number of packets lost
  • DUPS - Number of duplicate packets received
  • MIN, MAX and AVERAGE round trip time
  • STD Deviation

The app also allows you to set the packet interval, time to live and packet size. The apps defaults will probably be ok for most people but it's a nice feature to be able to change these values for different devices and applications.

If your website hosting has speed issues or you're wanting to monitor multiple networks quickly while on the move, you should check out Ping Scope.

Along with having the info displayed in real time you can print and email results, helping you keep track of the status over a time period. It would have been a nice feature to have some sort of history built into the app but emailing results should suffice.

Ping Scope is a useful app to have in your development arsenal. I have to admit at first I was slightly confused by the host listing page and it took a while to figure out the Update button was used to ping all your hosts and obtain their current status.

Since having the app it's actually helped me conclude one of my domains needs attention and although it's accessible, Ping Scope has opened my eyes to just how slow the server is. I'll be switching up very soon!

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