NSCRA Tuner Challenge 2K12 Review


Version Reviewed:
8th Jan, 2012
Review Date:
Reviewed by Liam


3 out of 5


  • Publisher: P2R Power Rev Racing LLC
  • Version Reviewed: 1.04
  • Review Date: 8th Jan, 2012
  • Cost: FREE
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NSCRA Tuner Challenge 2K12 is a drag racing game for the iPhone. The controls are fairly awkward to say the least and they did take some time getting used to. But getting used to controls is standard with any game and once you've had a few warm up races you soon get into the swing of things.

As you get used to controlling your car you start to progress and begin winning more and more races and your car slowly becomes less boring (you can start customising it). But to get your car to that level will take a long long time as getting money in this app takes forever to gather. The car customisation option is a good point as you would struggle to complete this app in a few days without it.

I'm not a brilliant fan of racing games, and this app didn't keep me wanting more. You do need quite a bit of patience to progress though the game and the layout is fairly simple and doesn't look as good as other apps.

NSCRA Tuner Challenge 2K12 is a fairly addictive app but until they sort out the layout it will be an app I play very rarely. It is free though so you should check it out if you enjoy car games.