net.isfaction Network Internet Speed Test Review


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6th Nov, 2011
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Reviewed by Chris


4 out of 5


  • Publisher: iPRApps
  • Version Reviewed: 2.61
  • Review Date: 6th Nov, 2011
  • Cost: FREE


net.isfaction allows you to test the speed of your wireless internet connection directly from your device. Using the app is easy, just open her up and tap Start Test to begin the test. Once started you'll see some fancy animations run while the app analyses the different web services your phone uses. Once complete, the test brings back a comprehensive result set showing you just how quick (or slow) your connection really is.

Test results are split up into two result sets, one set displaying an average rating out of 5 stars and the other set based on QoS (quality of service). The 5 star rating is useful for most of us, the higher the star rating, the better connection. QoS results is a more advanced set for the geeks to get technical, displaying the actual speed each test is bringing back.

Each set of results is broken down covering things such as the type of connection, the signal strength (if applicable), duration of test, location of test and each specific web service result.

Features include:

  • History: The history provides access to all the test results with the best results displayed with a green mark and the worst with a red one.
  • Rank: The rank screen allows you to view how quick your connection is compared against other people using the app.
  • Services tested include: Upload and download speed through FTP, response time (ping), POP and SMTP tests, HTTP request and VOIP
  • Location map: Use this and find out where you can boot up YouTube and where you best just stick to sending emails.
  • Info: The info screen allows you to see what each star rating relates to for the services tested.
  • Share your results: You can share your results on Twitter and Facebook. Or even email yourself and friends with the results.

It's all very in depth but the nice part is, you can make it as technical or non technical as you like, depending on the result set you look at. If you want to test your internet connection on your iPhone or iPad you should definitely check out net.isfaction. It's completly free and the star ratings helps give a good overview of the speed of your connection.

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