My Virtual Girlfriend Review


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30th Nov, 2010
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Reviewed by Chris


2 out of 5


  • Publisher: Wet Productions Inc.
  • Version Reviewed: 1.1
  • Review Date: 30th Nov, 2010
  • Cost: £1.79
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My Virtual Girlfriend is one of the first 3D Virtual Girlfriend dating apps on the app store.

Note: Note the category it falls under, games! Got that? It's not going to make up for not having a real life girlfriend, so don't get excited.

It's basically a bit of fun you can have when you've got a spare five minutes.

Create a virtual profile of yourself and tell the computer what gets you going when it comes to the ladies. Select the girl of your dreams from your computer matches and start on you road to virtual love!

Once you have your girl you've got to win her over, ways in which to work your magic are:

  • Perform positive actions to raise her love such as giving her flowers, give her a kiss or tickle, buy her some jewellery or lingerie
  • Want to get rid of her, you can also perform negative actions such as farting, picking your nose, laugh at her and even insulting her
  • Perform activities such as taking her to dinner, going snowboarding and even going skinny dipping
  • Touch her on and see how she responds
  • Talk her into bed! Watch what you say though, the wrong thing at the wrong time and she could quickly go off you.

The aim's to reach level 20 and find love with your chosen lovely. Each level brings new activities or actions to help you on your way to love.

Once reached you can stick with her and be a one woman guy or if you're a player you'll maybe want to ditch her and break another girls heart!

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