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17th Jan, 2011
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Reviewed by Chris


5 out of 5


  • Publisher: SIS Software
  • Version Reviewed: 2.2
  • Review Date: 17th Jan, 2011
  • Cost: £2.99
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My Measures & Dimensions is a productivity app that enables you to overlay measurements and notes onto photos. Using your photos you can specify distance and angles along with custom notes. Very useful for a number of different situations.

On initial opening of the app the first step is to create a folder for your measurements. These folders help keep things organised and enables you to document and store many photos and projects.

Once you've got your folder you'll need a photo to overlay info on, these can be obtained from your devices photo library or taken from the camera. I took a couple of photos of the spare room I'm decorating and used these for testing out the app (I was using it to document measurements for when i got round to buying furniture and needed to know what would fit where). The next stage is when the app really starts to shine.

The main feature My Measures & Dimensions offers is the creation and sharing of measurements. Once a photo is open you have a number of options available. Selecting the first option, the draw button, presents you with 3 choices, draw a line measurement, angle measurement or write some notes.

Selecting to draw a line allows you to insert distance measurements. To setup a measurement you simply tap 2 fingers on the screen and a line is automatically created, you can then drag each point of your line around with your fingers, lining up where it's needed.

The cool thing about the app is how the developers have integrated a magnifying glass for each line point. This enables you to accurately place the end of each line, the magnified sections even move so they're always visible on the screen, no matter where you've got your fingers positioned.

This simple solution to a common problem (how many apps have you used where your fingers interfere with the apps usability?) is excellent and makes using it a doddle for even the fattest of fingers.

The developers have also included different units of measurement, allowing you to select the preferred unit. To keep things clear you can also colour code your measurements which helps when reviewing the photos.

The angle option works the same as the distance option, double tap the screen and then drag the points to insert the angle overlay. Then tap the number box to insert the angle.

Once you have your measurements you can save these to your photo library or share through email.

My Measures & Dimensions is an excellent app that everyone can use to document measurements and notes. The overall presentation is very slick, it's simple to use with measurements taken easily and shared quickly through email.

The app could be useful for anyone who needs to store measurements, I could see it being particularly helpful for architects, engineers, carpenters, decorators and contractors.

The price may put some off but I think it's well worth the cost if you think you'll be using the app regularly. Maybe it's main use is for your job, where the ease and speed of use could help increase work efficiency. If this is the case, tell your boss about the app, you never know, maybe they'll pay for it!!

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