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29th Jan, 2011
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Reviewed by Chris


4 out of 5


  • Publisher: Turborilla
  • Version Reviewed: 1.3
  • Review Date: 29th Jan, 2011
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"You're addicted!". The last few weeks I've got used to hearing these two words, while my girlfriend became rather bored of muttering them. I admit I have ben struggling to put down the latest game to grace my iphone, please read on to find out why.

I contacted the developers over at Turborilla a few weeks back about reviewing their latest game, Mad Skills Motocross. The nice people over at Turborilla were kind enough to provide iphone app reviews with a promo code and in return I've written this review.

First, an overview of the game.

The basics to the game are racing your motorbike from point a to point b, pretty straight forward. Courses are quite short and you have to complete 1 or 2 laps per race.

The controls consist of accelerate, break, forward and backward rider lean and on the later stages a special move button comes into play. You get 2 modes of play, Career and Time Attack. Time attack allows you to race through completed levels trying to better your time.

Career has you working your way through the divisions, racing the computer along the way. Their are 5 divisions in total and progression to the next division requires you finishing first against the computer on every level (11 levels per division).

The early levels help you get used to the controls and although tough, with a little persistence and skill you'll move out of the 4th division fairly quickly. As you advance through the game the levels get tougher but you're helped by a nutty professor who rewards you with crazy perks you can use to help you out.

These perks include speed boosts, giving you serious hangtime when you hit large jumps, wings which help you glide and are useful on the later levels and a bizarre set of rocket boots that I found quite useless.

These perks are fun and do help you on some levels but I personally didn't really use them much. It's all good fun and I've always preferred motorcycle racing games over car ones, they offer much more satisfaction because of the skill and extra difficulty involved.

Mad Skills Motocross maybe takes the difficulty to another level though and as you advance to the later levels the computer rider really doesn't take any prisinors.

I'm not sure what Turborilla did on the later levels, maybe they swapped out the computer for some motorcross world champion all time great because 99% of the time, the computer's faultless!

So while you're binning your bike the computers kicking dirt in your face crossing the finish line and forcing you to start over again (if you want to progress a division) I must admit, I enjoy this difficulty, it's frustrating sometimes but the satisfaction of beating the computer more than makes up for this.

Since downloading Mad Skills Motocross, I've spent every spare minute hitting the throttle trying to jump, flip and glide my way to victory against the computer and I have to say, it's been pretty emotional.

I've stuck at it though and managed to unlock the 1st division but never got round to the "TurboCharged" division (please, if anyone has unlocked this register and comment below, letting our readers know what it's like!)

Overall, the graphics and sound are ok and the game physics are excellent which is what you expect in racing games of this nature. A tweek of the computers AI making them crash out a bit more often could be good. Or maybe a choice in difficulty could be included, so it will appeal to a wider audience.

I'd love to give it a 5 star rating but have gone with 4. Mad Skills Motocross is a fun and crazy addictive game, the high degree of difficulty may put some people off but kept me coming back for more. I guess some people would say I'm addicted!

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