Kamigo: Theatre of Skies Review


Version Reviewed:
29th Dec, 2010
Review Date:
Reviewed by Chris


2 out of 5


  • Publisher: Artico Media
  • Version Reviewed: 1.1
  • Review Date: 29th Dec, 2010
  • Cost: £0.59
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Kamigo: Theatre of Skies, an game that simulates flying a kite. I know, it sounds slightly boring to most people but after having a play I can admit it can be quite addictive and is at least different to the thousands of other games available.

The aim of the game is to keep your kite in the sky while collecting stars and earning points.The controls are intuitive, you use each thumb to control the kites handles, pull back to get the kite skywards and move left and right to turn.

A word of warning though, just like flight simulators, in order to achieve the greatest success you have to be very gentle with your movements or you'll quickly crash back down to earth.

Some of the features included are:

  • 5 types of kite you can unlock by competing levels and earning points
  • Different line lengths effect how your kite behaves in the air
  • 2 different grip types to choose from
  • Choose from stuntmode or freemode
  • Several different scenes to select from
  • Select how you want the wind to behave, variable wind adds an additional challenge with the strength and direction randomly changing
  • Completing levels awards you with some points that can be used to unlock different types of kites.

Theatre of Skies isn't the best looking of games but the physics work quite well and this is important with any flight simulator.

If you enjoy flying games and have some patience you'll probably enjoy Theatre of Skies. However, if you want a game you can pick up and play instantly with no need for practice, this game may not be for you.

If you're unsure it's for you why not download the Kamigo: Theatre of Skies lite version and find out.