iXpenseIt (Expense + Income = Cashflow with Budget) Review


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18th Jan, 2011
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4 out of 5


  • Publisher: FYI Mobileware, Inc.
  • Version Reviewed: 4.1.1
  • Review Date: 18th Jan, 2011
  • Cost: £2.99
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iXpenseIt simplifies your money tracking and allows you to keep a grasp on your daily / weekly / monthy budgeting.

This app allows you to visualise your financial tracking, tracking your income, expenses, cashflow and budget. The dashboard feature allows you to manage different budgets be it, family / personal / work etc categorising your accounts or organising your expenses by category, vendor or even payment type.

It is easy to set up your budget and add new income streams as well as adding new expenses also. When adding an expense this can be a one off sum or a monthly / fortnightly regular payment. Each expense listing can be filled in to include cost, vendor, date, payment method and notes and photographs can be appended also.

In diary view you can then track your daily expenses and incomes while at the top of the screen a montly overview is indicated. Finally, all data can be compared and reports viewed within the App or exported to PDF.

This is a really useful app for those either in need of sticking to a budget or just wanting to keep a tight rein on their finances given the current economic climate.

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