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22nd Nov, 2010
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Reviewed by Chris


5 out of 5


  • Publisher: Tooko
  • Version Reviewed: 1.1.0
  • Review Date: 22nd Nov, 2010
  • Cost: £0.59
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One of my favourite games on the Xbox 360 is an arcade game called Trials HD. You race through a level on a motorbike using the  throttle and brake to control your speed and your riders movement back and forward to get over obstacles.

I've waited along with many others, a long time for someone to develop a similar game for the iPhone. I mean, why has it taken so long, Apples device lends itself perfectly to such a game.

Finally, I'm thrilled to say the developers at Tooko realised the potential and released such a game. So, all you Dougie Lampkin wannabes out there, you can finally get you engines started on the iPhone with iTrials.

For anyone not familiar with Trials HD on the Xbox or trials riding in general, a brief overview. You control a motorbike and it's rider. You must race from the start to finish in the quickest time you can. Unlike most other racers, you don't have control of your direction, there's no turning left and right, in fact there's no bends at all. You control the throttle, brake and the riders lean direction, either forwards or backwards.

The early levels will ease you in gently and help you get used to the controls. From simple jumps and drops you quickly move on to riding over logs, doing loops, jumping through pipes and even riding backwards. What's good about the game is the balance the devlopers have got with difficulty. It'll test your skills in the later levels but it doens't frustrate you and the amount of gates per level ensures you never start to far back when you fall off (the gates act as checkpoints when your rider bins it and you have to restart!)

The mains question though, is it any good? Well it is actually and for 59p it's an absolute bargain!

It's fresh to see a racing game on the iPhone that's different to the other 100+ racers out there on the app store. The only downside about this game is there's not enough courses. I'm sure the developer will rectify this soon (we hope!)

Once you've completed the courses it's highly likely you'll go back and try to better your previous times.

iTrials is part of the Agon-Online social gaming network which allows you to create a profile and view and share scores with your friends.

What are you waiting for, if you like racing games that try and be different get on your bike and download the excellent iTrials!

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