iQuikDoF - Depth of Field Creator Review


Version Reviewed:
16th Mar, 2011
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Reviewed by Chris


3 out of 5


  • Publisher: Emir Fithri Bin Samsuddin
  • Version Reviewed: 1.0
  • Review Date: 16th Mar, 2011
  • Cost: FREE
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In the last few years mobile cameras have started to compete with and in some cases better compact cameras when it comes to image quality. The iPhone 4 camera is a good example of this. The picture quality is outstanding, producing bright, vivid and sharp images. One thing that phones struggle with though, due to their small lens size, is controlling the depth of field (the setting you get in cameras which allows you to blur an area)

iQuikDOF is an app that helps create DOF using a bit of post processing magic. The version of iQuikDOF we reviewed was the lite one which is free and has some features removed. Don't let this put you off though, the features included are really useful.

Before getting started with the app it might be wise to have a quick look at the help guide so you know what you're doing. The app uses icons for each action available but on first glance it's difficult to know where to start without viewing the help.

After looking at the help guide you'll find it's easy to use. The first step is to open an image. You can use an image from your iphone library or if you don't have one you can take one with the iPhone camera.

When you've selected your image it's time to pick the areas you want to blur using one of the two options available. The first option is to choose from a preset gradient. The free version offers 3 types of gradients. Front to back and back to front linear gradients can be chosen to blur the foreground or background. If you want to keep the centre line of the image focused and blur the foreground and background there's a reflected style gradient which allows for this.

If you want to be more selective with what you're blurring you can use the paintbrush tool to select specific areas you want to keep in focus. I found this option to be more useful than the presets, it allows you to get really creative with your images producing a more natural looking end result.

Once you have your area selected you can use a slider to adjust the amount of blur. Useful depending on the final look your after. When you're happy with your image you can save it to your photo library or share it on Facebook.

iQuikDOF is a useful camera app you can use to fake DOF. It works specifically well on portraits or when your image is quite busy and you want to emphasize a specific area.

The version reviewed was the free one but there's also a iQuikDOF pro version you can pick up for £1.19. The pro version has extra features that will help you refine your selection giving a more natural end result.

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