Fun for Kids HD Review


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1st Nov, 2011
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Reviewed by Nikolaos


4 out of 5


  • Publisher: Tycero
  • Version Reviewed: 1.2
  • Review Date: 1st Nov, 2011
  • Cost: £0.69
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Fun for Kids HD is an educational app for kids. With this app, kids can learn the sounds, spellings and images of different animals, vehicles and other things - according to the developers, there are more than 70 pictures. The app also includes a few games: memory, jigsaw puzzle, and one out of four.

All the images were high quality on both the iPhone and iPad.

I was able to use the app with my 2 year old nephew which he enjoyed for a little bit. The main menu is pretty simple and it just works - you navigate through the options using arrows on the left and right side of the screen. In terms of settings, the app does allow you to select different languages (English UK (default), English US, Spanish, German, and Swedish).

When selecting one of the main categories (not games), a picture of an item in the category appears on the screen. If you touch anywhere on the picture, the item's name is pronounced and displayed. To hear the sound related to the item, you can touch the sound icon on the upper right corner (left corner contains the home button). To move to the next item in the category, you swipe left - to go back to a previous item, if there is one, swipe right. All the images were high quality on both the iPhone and iPad.

The games offered in the app are pretty straight forward even though toddlers might find some of them frustrating based on their own skills. The jigsaw puzzle provides 10 different pictures (these pictures differ from the ones found through the categories, they are various drawings) that each split into 9 puzzle pieces. The memory game uses 12 tiles that hide 6 picture pairs. Lastly, the pick one out of four game displays 4 pictures and the name of one of them is announced. To move to the next set of pictures, you need to touch the picture that was announced.

In terms of glitches of the app, I did notice that the sound of the Teddy Bear picture was the sound of a cow - I would definitely expect to see this corrected in the next update. In terms of improvements, in the memory game when two tiles that do not match are selected, both tiles remain displayed until a third tile is touched (when the third tile is touched, the other two tiles flip). On most games I have played, when there is no match, the tiles turn over before another match is attempted. Also, I did not see any noticeable differences on iPhone vs. iPad. On iPad, it would be nicer to display all the choices on the main screen instead of going through one by one, since the bigger screen should make that possible. Lastly, if there's additional categories and/or games added to the app, that would definitely be a big plus.

Overall, this is definitely a polished app and I would definitely recommended it for kids.

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