easyCRM Review


Version Reviewed:
17th Mar, 2011
Review Date:
Reviewed by Chris


3 out of 5


  • Publisher: Apt Infoway
  • Version Reviewed: 1.1
  • Review Date: 17th Mar, 2011
  • Cost: £2.99
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easyCRM is a customer relationship management tool to help you manage your clients, leads and sales.

As the name suggests, it's developed around ease of use which often doesn't sit well with CRM software. The CRM software I've used in the past has often been quite complex and have taken a long time to get used to. So does easyCRM live up to it's name? Read on to find out...

The home screen displays todays events and a top 5 analysis for products and leads. Useful for getting a quick overview when you open the app. The 3 main sections of easyCRM is Prospects, Events and Analysis.

Prospects allows you to view and edit client information. You can add new client details quickly such as name, company and contact details. The remarks field is a useful inclusion and allows you to note down information about each client. Very useful for making notes to help you remember new, potential clients.

The standout feature of the Prospects section is the Interested Products page which allows you to quickly view and assign product leads. The lead listing is useful because it gives you quick feedback of what stage the lead is at, enabling you to review the current status and help you decide on the next action.

The Prospects section also has an Event Log specific to the client. This allows you to keep track of events and view completed and upcoming tasks.

The Events section is a calendar displaying all events and be viewed in a variety of formats. Each one is useful depending on what you're searching for. The Events section is a nice feature to have so you can view all your events in one place and can plan around this.

The analysis section allows you to view the current status of products and leads. You can quickly view what leads you have, the products clients are interested in and the current status.

Along with the 3 main sections there's a search which allows you to search events by date, prospect, event type and current status. Excellent to have for when you've been using the app for a while and have many clients to keep track off.

The settings within the app allows you to add products, events and lead states so you can quickly add records and customise the app to suit your business. The backup feature included allows you to backup your data over WIFI. I'm not exactly sure if this works, I didn't have any joy backing up my data.

All these features and options are really useful and well implemented. The thing that lets easyCRM down is some of the features excluded that I think should have been standard. Copying a prospect would have been a good inclusion and would speed up the process of inserting a new client and assigning them products. I was slightly baffled why their was no function to export data, even if only by email. This makes it impossible to export leads or pass them onto other colleagues.

easyCRM is a good, easy to use mobile CRM tool which could prove very useful to have, particularity if you're a rep or your job requires a good deal of travelling. It's early days and I hope future updates can rectifying some of the issues I came across when using the app. If this is the case I'm sure easyCRM will be a very popular app for business people on the move.