Doodle Jump Review


Version Reviewed:
6th Oct, 2010
Review Date:
Reviewed by Chris


4 out of 5


  • Publisher: Lima Sky
  • Version Reviewed: 1.21
  • Review Date: 6th Oct, 2010
  • Cost: £0.59
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Doodle Jump is exactly what you want from an iPhone game, simple to pick up and so crazy addictive it's hard to put down!

The gameplay is simple, tilt your device left and right to guide Doodle up skywards, bouncing between platforms increasing your height while avoiding any nasties trying to knock you down.

Doodle's helped along his way by random items scattered around such as jetpacks, propellor hats, springs and more...

Doodle Jumps one of those games that'll have you thinking just one more go.

Sweet: The option to email your friends your score or post to Facebook and Twitter spices things up and gives competitive minds another reason to give it one more jump!

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  • AppStore Rating: "4 and a half stars, 395536 Ratings"
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