Curling3D Review


Version Reviewed:
12th Apr, 2011
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Reviewed by Steve


3 out of 5


  • Publisher: MaxNick
  • Version Reviewed: 1.0
  • Review Date: 12th Apr, 2011
  • Cost: £1.19
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It's time to step away from the usual action games and puzzlers, take some time out and have a look at a game that slows the pace. Curling3D for the iPhone. Curling's one of the less well known sports that you probably only ever hear about once every four years when the winter Olympics come round.

The game's simple, you select a team and take it in turns to slide stones down a sheet of ice towards a target area (referred to as the house). The controls are easy to pick up, you can select the spin you want on the stone, the direction and the power. Once the stones sliding you can also swipe in front to adjust the speed.

Initially, the game takes some getting used to and you'll be over and under throwing your stones. Don't worry though, it doesn't take long to get used to the power and spin needed and you'll be scoring points within couple of games.

Features included:

  • Useful help guide
  • Settings allow you to determine the length of games
  • Easy, Normal and Hard difficulty
  • Statistics allow you to view gaming history

Along with playing against the computer you can also choose to play against a friend locally which helps give the game some lifespan.

As the title suggests, the game is in 3D and the graphics are pretty good. The 3 levels of difficulty is a nice addition, with easy a good option for getting used to it and the other two levels offering an extra challenge (good luck on hard though, your stones will need to be inch perfect)

Curling3D isn't going to set your pulse racing but it's a nice addition to the simulation/game genre and offers something different. It takes some getting used to but if you stick at it you're rewarded with an acurate sports simulation which is good fun to play and offers a welcome change to the usual iPhone games available.