Buddha Balance Review


Version Reviewed:
23rd Jan, 2011
Review Date:
Reviewed by Toni


3 out of 5


  • Publisher: Sticky Wicket
  • Version Reviewed: 1.0
  • Review Date: 23rd Jan, 2011
  • Cost: £0.59
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This application is way too easy. I set the difficultly to the hardest and I reached monk statues in 174 seconds. This may be good for practicing to keep still.

But for someone wishing to use it for meditation it would pretty much be a distraction.

When the baby looses balance it makes you laugh when you see him waving his hands, trying to stay on the mountain.

When you try it with your eyes closed you still lose focus when you hear the baby gasping for air after losing balance. I then turned the volume of the baby all the way down and found that I would have to keep my eyes opened to see if the baby hasn’t fallen off.

I rate this app a three out of five. I don’t think it would help someone reach enlightenment, but it does help to relax you and is entertaining.