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16th Nov, 2010
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Reviewed by Chris


5 out of 5


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  • Version Reviewed: 1.2.0
  • Review Date: 16th Nov, 2010
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Screenshots (the developers) have really delivered with this its second game offering. When the app stores full of thousands of games you really need to do something to stand out from all the others vying for the attention, and I'd say Bee Patrol does exactly that.

First up, the game looks great, from the menu screen through to the strong, if somewhat simple, backgrounds and cute characters, the games easy on the eyes, especially if you're lucky to be using the retina display.

Along with looking good the game makes excellent use of the devices touchscreen and keeps controls simple, one button (the whole screen!) is controlled with one single digit (your finger!)

The aim of the games simple, you have to guide a colony of bees around the screen collecting nectar from flowers and delivering it back to the hive.

You start off the game with a couple of bees and plants but as the game progresses your given a larger team of bees along with more flowers to gather nectar from. You direct the bees out to the flowers by setting them a path, created by dragging your finger around the screen.

Sounds easy? What I haven't mentioned is the flowers have to also be pollinated else they'll wither and die. Losing a flower means you'll also lose points and with level progression based on reaching a specific score, you'll have to keep a close eye on fading flowers and make sure you don't let too many die off.

On top of this you've also got spiders to avoid and once out of the hive the bees must also avoid colliding with each other. You can afford to lose one or two bees during a level but lose more and your task of reaching the set points score will quickly run away.

The game gets hard as you progress and you have to think more about your strategy. Do you send out all your bees trying to gather as much nectar as possible? Or maybe you send out half the hive at a time reducing the risk off collisions with each other or being gobbled up by a spider?!?

It's this strategy that will give the game more lifespan than many of the other games availbale on the app store.

With strong graphics, addictive game-play and average levels of around 4-5 minutes, bee patrol is an excellent  pick up and play game easily accessable to anyone.


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