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8th Jan, 2011
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5 out of 5


  • Publisher: Brid
  • Version Reviewed: 4.8.1
  • Review Date: 8th Jan, 2011
  • Cost: £2.39
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Awesome Note combines notes with to-do's in one, very useful application. The key features of this app are the quick notes (stickies) and the folder organisation tools.

Default folders are created which can be edited / deleted and new folders can be created easily. Folders can be colour coded as preferred and a passcode lock can be introduced if you're wanted to keep anything safe / secret. Within each folder, notes are created which can include attachments / photos and the background and text font/size can be altered.

Notes can easily be shared by SMS or e-mail and can be sent to print also. Notes can be made 'Read-only' and a due date / alarm can be set for notification.

Notes can also be moved between folders and sorted by a range of criteria such as date modified / create, name, due date, priority etc etc. Your notes can also be organised by view as thumbnails, in list format, diary format making this app very versatile.

Finally, your notes can also be synced to Google Docs and Evernote. Overall this is a brilliantly useful and thorough app which is definitely worth paying for the full version.

The full version is priced at £2.39 which I believe is well worth the money and the time saved from all your new organisation skills!

Note: There's a 'Lite' version available which has reduced functionality (limited to 10 notes) and is free.

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