360 Web Browser | Download Manager and Firefox Sync Review


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7th Mar, 2011
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Reviewed by Chris


5 out of 5


  • Publisher: Digital Poke
  • Version Reviewed: 2.1
  • Review Date: 7th Mar, 2011
  • Cost: £0.59
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You could say Digital Pokes latest release is 3 apps in 1. I like to keep my reviews fairly short and to the point, however the features contained within 360 Web Browser | Download Manager and Firefox Sync have led me to write a rather longer review. If you'd like to get to the part where the apps summed up just jump to the bottom of the page. For those who want to find out a bit more just read on...

360 Web Browser

So you've probably guessed it's a web browser. Well, you're almost there, it's actually 6 browsers in 1. You get the default browser but you can can also choose to mimic Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE and Opera. I'm not sure how close each browser mimics it's counterpart but this is the first cool feature on offer. An excellent inclusion, especially for web designers and web developers.

Firefox sync

Next up is the Firefox sync, ideal if you use Firefox as your main browser of choice when at your computer. Firefox Sync allows you to sync your bookmarks and tabs from your computers browser into 360 Web Browser. You'll have to download the Firefox add on and log in to use but once in you'll wonder how you lived without it. Next time you're out and about you can continue viewing what you had open on your computer. You'll also have access to all your bookmarks and even your browsers history.

Browser Plugins

Along with Firefox Sync the developers have included the ability to install browser plugins. I'm not going to cover them all, you can head over to the site and have a look for more info. Apart from the social networking plugins my favourite has to be Firebug Lite. Being a web developer I'd be lost without Firebug and I was really excited when I discovered the app had access to a version of Firebug. It's not as comprehensive as the full version but does enable all us geeks to look under the bonnet of websites while you're on the move.


If you're not interested in syncing with Firefox or browser plugins you might well be interested in themes. If you don't like the default look of the 360 Web Browser you can choose to customise it's look using several different themes. There's a couple of free themes available and a couple of paid for themes. Excellent to personalise the look and feel of the browser.

File Sharing Manager

The download and file sharing manager is next up. This feature allows you to download and save any type of content to view on your device. The app even includes a media player to play back movies and music. I downloaded some mp3s and a few videos and they played back fine in the inbuilt player. The file manager can also connect up to a local computer to share files.

The Web Browsing Experience

The download file manager and Firefox Sync are all good and offer some unique and interesting functionality but what about the actual meat of the app, the web browsing experience.

First of all, 360 Web Browser is fast. Pages load up quickly and you're even shown a handy indicator to show how long is left for pages to load.

Usibility: 360 Arc

Usibility is very important for a web browser, you want to be able to do all the main taks quickly and easily. The apps built on what the developers call the Prodigy Engine and the navigation and control is built around a cool feature called 360 Arc. This is a touch/slide/release control system which works really well and has allowed the developers to include many options that can still be accessed quickly and easily.

The 360 Arc (or Arcs, depending on the orientation you have your device in, you get one or 2 Arcs which provide different options) allows you to skip between tabs, change the screen mode (hiding and showing different options), view your history, add a new tab, access your bookmarks and plugins, clear history and enable/disable various other features.

Controlling the app with this Arc feature is quick and intuitive. Click, drag, select and release. This unique control has allowed the developers to utilise the full screen of the iPhone allowing you to view webpages on the entire screen.

Multi-Touch Gestures

If you have a Macbook you may be aware of gestures using the multi-touch track pad. Basically, the clever people over at Digital Poke have included multi-touch gestures within the app. Want to scroll through your tabs? Just use a 2 finger swipe. Need to get your address bar back? A simple two finger tap and hold. Want to open Firefox Sync? Two finger tap and slide down. What's even better is you can customise these multi-touch gestures to do exactly what you want.

So there you have it. 360 Arc Web Browser and a few of it's excellent features. I've missed some things out, I had to or this review could run on forever. You can head over to iTunes or Digital Pokes website to find out even more of the features within.


I'd have to say 360 Arc Web Browser is quite simply one of the most brilliant, feature rich, professionally presented apps I've had the joy of using. It's fast, intuitive and contains loads of useful features, many of which even better Apples native web browser.

For 59p it's an absolute steal and you certainly get your moneys worth. If you're after trying a new browser experience get it downloaded and let us know what you think. What's your favourite feature? I'd have to go with the simple but long overdue rotation lock. Browsing in bed with your head on the pillow has never been so easy!

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